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Questions about the Size of the Equipment Required by the Guest

Time: 2021-04-13 Comment: 74

      I read an interesting article today about the problem of customers choosing the size of their brew house equipment.

     This article pointed out that many people in the industry say, never start smaller than 500 liters.So i dont know about this point mean.But in my opinion,considering the cost and local population distribution, small equipment is also a necessity, while large equipment can only be supported by more people flow and his investment cost. It should be done according to the actual situation.

      When most customers come to inquire, I will ask them one part, that is, whether there is a site drawing at present, not only because I want to help the guests make an overall layout planning, but also to help the guests consider the cost saving problem and what kind of equipment is more suitable for him to customize according to the site.

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