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Peak Season for Craft Beer in China

Time: 2021-02-16 Comment: 57

Grove Brewery, one of COFF’s brewpub customers, located in Ningbo have had a busy holiday as their beer supply falls fort of demand. 

They established 300L brewing system 3 years ago and added 4 more fermenting tanks last year. At the beginning 3 years ago, the business is not so good because people don’t know much about craft beer. As time goes by, they try it and begin to like it more and more. Now the pub doesn’t need to spend much time and energy on advertisement. More and more old clients place orders by phone. Just 3 days before the holiday, all bottles had been sold out. The owner of the brewery told COFF, they will establish one more brewing system next year once they got a proper place. 

By Jessie Min

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