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Oil Heating Brewhouse

Time: 2020-07-10 Comment: 63

COFF has developed the third generation of Oil Heating Brewhouse with 2 years since we began to make the research over one years ago. The brewhouse system has advantages of taking small space, convenient operation and saving energy. From initial only 1BBL system, COFF has developed 1 to 5 BBL models. In addition, COFF has got patent certificate for the Oil Heating Brewing system. Now 4 sets of 1BBL and one set of 2BBL have been exported to US customer with satisfactory response. COFF is actively seeking agents in the world for its brilliant market!

Compared with traditional steam heating:

  1. Increase heating efficiency by 20%;
  2. Reduce consumption of water 50KL per year;
  3. Save power 3800KWH per year.


  1. Energy saving:   electricity consumed less than steam heating, no need of water to produce condensate;
  2. Higher heating efficiency

From 28℃ to 60℃, heating time: 20min;

From 60℃ to 80℃, heating time: 20min;

From 80℃ to 100℃, heating time: 30min;

  1. Uniform heating with higher boiling intensity and better coagulative performance, effectively avoid partially over cooking caused by direct fire or electric heating;
  2. Skid- mounted with convenient installation, taking area of 2.7 square meters;
  3. Cost saving. No need of boiler or burner;
  4. Simultaneous heating both tuns.



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