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Notes for Operation of Craft Beer Equipment

Time: 2020-07-10 Comment: 97

For many novices, there are things to be aware of when operating a device.Here, I’d like to share some tips on how to operate the device:

         1.Craft beer equipment installed must not be tilted, must remain upright, and movement is not recommended.If you must move, unplug and stop the power supply, and stay upright while moving.

        2.Craft beer equipment also requires careful maintenance. When the brewing is over, unplug the power plug, turn off the switch on the co2 bottle and turn back the pressure gauge knob.The best brewers are equipped with temperature-controlled devices. Don’t tamper with them yourself, or they will break down easily.If no longer used in a short period of time, the machine should be drained of water, and clean the outer wall, after packaging in a dry place.

         3.Craft beer equipment should be regularly checked for maintenance of the water level and water quality of the tank, if necessary, with special detergent cleaning, then rinse with water.The motor is not allowed to touch water, so when you are doing maintenance, be careful not to splash water on the motor.Also check the cleaning dispenser and the wine head frequently. If the gasket is not elastic, it must be replaced.

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