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Not Only Customized Product but also Customized Service

Time: 2021-06-01 Comment: 61


One Austrian customer of COFF is quite satified with the beer recipe prvoided by COFF engineer. The recipe is based on Chinese traditional medicine knowledge, using ginger and and red dates to add flavor.


COFF is not content to just provide high quality beer tanks though it is still first important thing. Now according to particular requirement of each customer, COFF tries to meet their needs differently, using its years of experiences and resources.


For a Japanese customer who doesnt konw clearly how to connect the pipes and fittings, COFF engineer made a detailed 3D drawing which marked all connections with symbols. Even some installation vedios are taken specially to show how. With the drawings and vedios, the customer hadnt asked any questions about installation.


Another Thailand customer is a professional brew master, who has his own understanding about equipment and brew process. His requirement is quite different from other customers, mostly nonstandard fittings and parts. COFF engieer discussed with him patiently with every detail and also consult some suppliers with the revised changes. At last the customer is satisfacotry with the result.


The Austrian customer is has a brewpub and he told us there are always Asian visitors comming to his pub, so he wanted to develop a kind of beer catering to his clients. We advise a kind of beer with favor of ginger and red dates, which according to Chinese medicaine can replenish vital energy, nourish blood and soothe the nerves. One of COFFs experienced brewing engineers provide the recipe, based on which the customer brewed the first batch.  The customer said the beer added a feeling of Eastern secret to his pub.

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