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It's the Shipping Season again

Time: 2021-04-27 Comment: 54

       With workers working overtime after the Spring Festival, the first batch of goods for this year's production has been completed successively, and will soon be shipped in large quantities to customers all over the world. Guests from North America, Europe and Australia are also eager to receive their goods as soon as possible, hoping that these goods will bring them good luck.



        As shown in the picture below, COFF will carefully wipe the tank before delivery to keep the tank clean, beautiful and without defects. Meanwhile, it will also build wooden cases, wooden pallets and other protective shells for some customers who choose LCL transportation to reduce costs.Every piece of COFF care is worth it, because these are the places that customers need.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to customize the perfect brewery!

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