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It was a busy day to putting the jacket on the fermenter and testing the pressure

Time: 2023-06-06 Comment: 19

Introducing the revolutionary new jacketed fermentation tank- the key to unlocking the full potential of your brewing process! Our tank is designed to maximize heat transfer efficiency, ensuring that your yeast is kept at the optimal temperature for the perfect brew every time. With a durable stainless-steel construction and a convenient, easy-to-use jacket system, our tank is the perfect addition to any craft brewery. Say hello to consistently delicious, high-quality beer and join the brewing revolution today!


While you love craft beer, are you also excited about making your own beer? We offer the best craft beer equipment to make your craft beer making even easier. In addition to yeast, malt and hops, we provide equipment and professional methods to make your beer production more fun and fulfilling. Visit our website and start your craft beer journey


COFF has always been dedicated to customer service, to ensure quality and delivery at the same time to provide first-class service, if you have any need, please contact us



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