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How to Promote Craft Beer

Time: 2020-10-27 Comment: 78

Historically, beer has been closely associated with the life of The Times since its birth.From the current era, the world has formed a unique beer culture.In addition, many consumer perceptions about beer are biased, and beer is actually a very healthy and passionate drink. 

To highlight the "enjoy" beer culture, beer brewing division is not only good to brew beer, should be more to the fore, actively communicate with consumers, through the way such as "open", the beer of the professional knowledge passed on to consumers, changes in the market for beer misunderstanding, at the same time to do shapers and spread culture disseminator.The freshness of the beer is very important. Besides telling consumers how to taste the beer correctly, consumers should also be told that the closest fresh beer is the best. 

As we all know, the rapid development of craft beer has exposed many problems.In order to promote the healthy development of craft beer, the Beer Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association has been seeking to establish relevant industry standards, accurately define the concept of craft beer, and give China's craft beer industry operational basis in terms of raw materials, technology, taste and other factors.


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