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How to Choose Craft Beer Equipment

Time: 2020-10-14 Comment: 83

First: The craft beer brewing process must be followed (each process has its own transformation from process to purpose.) 

Second: Absorb the research results of current brewery technology and combine the actual situation of craft beer production process.The basic performance should be close to that of large breweries to ensure product quality stability

Third: in the process of using craft beer equipment, key parts can be automatically controlled.Hand - to - hand combination ensures the operation reliability of the equipment department.This ensures the stability of the beer.

Fourth: equipment production and processing details are very important, to internal and external fine.The polishing of the polishing, can not appear health dead Angle.

Fifth: equipment process pipeline must be more in line with the process requirements.Combine the requirements of the production process.(E.g., sanitary conditions, prevention of oxidation, bottom feed, top feed, etc., are scientifically justified)

Sixth: auxiliary machine performance can not be reduced (for example: the wort pump can not be used because of the material pump, the frequency conversion can not be eliminated because of the price, fermenter with inflating device, breathing valve, etc.)


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