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Happy Labour Day,The origin and significance of May Day

Time: 2023-05-02 Comment: 12

May Day originated in the city of Chicago workers general strike.

On May 1, 1886, Chicago 216816 workers for the implementation of the eight-hour work system and held a general strike, after a hard and bloody struggle, finally won the victory. Workers' protests were held around the world to commemorate the great labor movement, and to protest the verdict that followed. These events became the precursor to International Workers' Day. On July 14, 1889, the socialist Congress convened by the Marxists of all countries, the delegates agreed: May 1 as the international proletariat common festival.

The meaning of Labor Day

1. Commemorate working people's struggle for their legitimate rights and interests. In the past, the legitimate rights and interests of the working people were difficult to be guaranteed, and even oppressed by all classes. It was not until the liberation of the mind that the working people gradually began to fight for their legitimate rights and interests, which is a very rare thing worth remembering and celebrating at the same time.

2. Human civilization has developed. The legitimate rights and interests of the working people have been protected, which is not only good for them, but also a great step forward for human civilization. When people begin to respect the rights and interests of the working people, it is a leap forward in human civilization.

3. Remind the people of the spirit of struggle. Labor Day is behind the sweat of countless international workers, they marched for their own legitimate rights and interests, perseverance to fight for human rights, this spirit is very worthy of admiration and learning, but also all workers should not forget.

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