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Development of Oil Heating Brewhouse

Time: 2021-01-05 Comment: 102

The first Oil Heating Brewhouse System was invented in 2017, for which we have got the certificate of patent ( Certificate No. ZL 2018 2 1498858.5). Compared with traditional steam and electric heating, it has the advantages:


1. Energy saving:   electricity consumed much less than steam heating as the oil is in cycle use, normally charged once a year.

2. Higher heating efficiency

Oil temperature setting: 150~170:

From 28 to 60, heating time: 30min;

From 60 to 80, heating time: 20min;

From 80 to 100, heating time: 30min;

3. Uniform heating with higher boiling intensity and better coagulative performance, effectively avoid partially over cooking caused by direct fire or electric heating;

4. Skid- mountedconvenient installation,saving more space;

5. Cost saving. No need of boiler or burner;

6. Simultaneous heating of both tuns.

7. The oil is safe and environmental as it is used in heat radiator.

8. In order to match the small brewing system, we also developed a special fermenter with independent chilling system.

The first Oil Heating Brewhouse in 2017, 1BBL unit, which we have been using to make beer in order to test and optimize the machine.




The second generation of Oil Heating Brewhouse System in 2018. Piping is simpler by optimization.


The third generation in 2019, taking smaller space and looking nicer. 





In 2020, we integrate the system by adding an HLT, also oil heated.



In 2021, the processing pipeline is revised and some valves are added, which greatly increases the working efficiency of the whole system.


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