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Craft Beer production — Combined form of Saccharification System — two-device equipment

Time: 2020-07-10 Comment: 61

Saccharification power is one of the main factors that determine the output of beer, and the combination of saccharification equipment is related to the production efficiency and investment scale of saccharification system.

      Two-piece combination (American device):

Saccharifying filter system, Wort kettle and whirl system.


This combination can saccharify about two batches a day. This device has high utilization of equipment, low cost of equipment investment,but low productivity.

Equipment features:

     1. Wort filtration can only be used in the way of extraction. Since the operation control of the pump is not very easy, the filtering effect of brewing different styles of beer will present a different state. Wheat beer, for example, is made with almost half the wheat malt, so it is relatively sticky and filtered slowly. Once the speed of the pump is not well controlled, it will cause a vacuum pumping state, and the wheat grains layer is too tight, filtering is more difficult, and even lead to deformation of the sieve plate.

2. Cyclotron precipitation will be carried out in the saccharification system, and there is a stirrer built in, the presence of the stirrer will greatly reduce the effect of cyclotron.


3.Wort dregs should be prepared in advance, and other feasible containers should be prepared a tank to hold the hot water. It is better to have the effect of heat preservation.But the operation is very hard.

 If you like this kind of equipment, you can make a change, the filter tank is higher than the saccharification pot, forming a high level difference, can achieve natural filtering, wort pump uses frequency conversion control, can adjust the flow speed, the ploughing knife motor uses frequency conversion motor, adjust the rotation speed of the ploughing knife. Now many manufacturers in order to save the cost, directly take out the liquid level, so it is not good, it is recommended to install the liquid level, filter drain hole to increase the drain board.


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