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Are You Looking for Professional Brewing Tank Nearby?

Time: 2020-07-10 Comment: 59

What’s the lead time? Do you offer a warranty for your products? Can you offer a layout service? Do you sell to the U.S., how many companies are supplying the same products in the states? I know little about beer brewing, how can I be a beer brewing equipment reseller or an agent of COFF? … Coff receives a lot of frequently asked questions every day, we understand that people are likely to be in confusion when talking about complex brewing equipment with China plants, especially when the plants know nothing about brewing.

While Coff not only produces brewing equipment but also brews beer and visit brewers every month. We understand the brewing equipment as art crafts rather than vessels. Click here to talk with Coff, show your questions and experience, our professors are more than happy to assist you.mash1

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