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How does a hop gun work?

Time: 2021-12-20 Comment: 87

How does a hop gun work?

A hop gun is used for dry hopping.It is always connected to the fermentation tank or the bright tank.
Beer is circulated between the hop gun and the tanks until the flavor of the beer reach the required degree.

Material: Sanitary SUS304

Capacity: 60Liters, 80Liters and 120Liters

Sight Glass Window

Interior Candle Filter

CO2 Inflatable Head on Top Lid

Pressure Release Valve on Top Lid

Pressure Gauge On Top Lid

Upper and Lower Tangent Beer Inlets

Bottomed Beer Outlet Pipe and Discharging Pipe

CIP Spraying Ball on Top

Now Let’s work with its working process.

First,we fill the hop gun with hops.

Then we pour CO2 to the hop gun to create an oxygen-free and isobaric conditioning which is as same as the fermentation tank or brite tank.
After the two steps,Beer circulation can be started.
Beer will flow into the hop gun through two tangent inlets with a diaphragm pump.The centrifugal pump is not available.
Because its strong shear force produced by its impeller will kill the yeast.
One outlet is upper and the other is lower,They are in opposite directions.So the beer can create a turbulence in the center.
The turbulence will keep the hops always moving so that the hops can release its flavor exhaustively.

There is also a filter inside the hop gun to keep the hops and other particles away from the beer.
The filter is as this picture shows.

And then the beer is pumped back to the fermentation tank through the beer outlet on the bottom which is connected to the filter. 
Then do the circulation.


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