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1BBL oil heating beer brewery system brewing IPA on site

Time: 2022-11-22 Comment: 79

Recently, we used the company's  patented product, the first generation  1BBL oil-heated system, to brew IPA.The materials used are: 4kg wheat malt, 19kg Australian malt, 0.6kg crystallized malt, 330 Citra hops, 275 Mosaic hops, 50 grams of Windsor yeast.


After the wort is boiled, the wort is cooled to 25 degrees by a 1 square heat exchanger, and pump into the 1BBL independent refrigeration fermentation tank developed by COFF company for fermentation.


This beer is used for parties of the company's employees. COFF is a garden-style romantic factory with small gardens, tents, barbecue pits, leisure tables and chairs for employees to use for parties. 

COFF company's corporate purpose is: customer first, attentive service. The whole company is as cordial as family members, working together and partying together.



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