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10bbl electric heating Mashing system completed for Melbourne, Australia

Time: 2022-07-19 Comment: 84

The equipment is a 10bbl electric heating Mashing System. The functions of the equipment includes: 10bbl mash lauter Tun, 10bbl Boil kettle with whirlpool (electric heating), 20bbl hot water tank (electric heating), 10bbl cold water tank, and 18 m2 double-stage heat exchanger.

The pipeline concept designed by COFF is to reuse energy. First, to cool the wort from the cold water in the cold water tank through the heat exchanger, and then the hot water from the heat exchanger is drained into the hot water tank. For this purpose, the hot water tank is heated. And the heat speed is greatly improved and the power consumption is saved too.

The below photos are the detailed of various parts of our workshop after finished production. We do not need to retouch the pictures. All product details displayed by COFF are on-site shooting photos. For more product introduction, please visit our website


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