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Why choose oil heating brewing system in Japan?

Time: 2023-02-14 Comment: 22

Why choose oil heating brewing system? Please see following reasons.

In recent years, the oil heating systems we developed has been well sold in USA, Australia, Portugal, Japan and has received good feedback.More and more customers have begun to pay attention and choose our patent brewery system - the oil heating brewery house.

The brewery capacity is from 100L to 1000L. It is now the fourth generation of the updated system.  

The oil heating beer brewing system is our patented product.  It has many advantages. We will take 100L oil heating brewing system as an example:

1.Compared with steam heating: the heating efficiency of oil heating is increased by 20%

2. At least reduce water consumption every year: 50kL

3. Saving electricity consumption every year: 3800KWH

4:Modular design,saves space

If you have any interesting or any inquiry, contact me andI will send you more information.  

The link is Beer Cruise(Japan)mentioned our customer Bright Blue Brewingfor your reference.

Why choose COFFCoff Established in Ningbo, China, COFF is a leading manufacturer specializing in beer brewing equipment. Our collections include brewhouse system, fermentation tank, serving&bright tank, PLC control system and related accessories, etc.

Craft breweries may start out as small, manual operations, but the key to a successful craft brewery is scalability. As the demand for your product increases, you need to adjust your output. This is why Coff dedicated team is offering a tailor-made manufacturing solution from design to installation for your individual needs - with Coff equipment you can expect growth in value.

Why limit your brewery's potential with crude and inefficient equipment? Shall premium equipment be extremely expensive? Coff can bring your brewery to life with high performance, cost-effective brewing vessels that are fully made from selected SS304, use the best sanitary components and in an excellent surface finish to improve your operation.


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