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Brewhouse Control Panel Manual Opertion

Model Number:JM- Hotel Room Amenities set
Minimum Order Quantity:5000
Packaging Details:Soft film bag, card box packing, etc.   Customized package is accepted.
Delivery Time:20~30 days
Payment Terms:By T/T or Western Union
Supply Ability:200,000 Sets/sets per Month
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Manual operation with push button switch-for professional brewers

Temperature control:

PT-100 connection to temperature meters with temperature setting. When the temperature reaches the setting level,the solennoid valve will automatic close and stop heating. Our system use Omron temperature meter that could perform PID setting, in order to reach setting temperature gently and perform best temperature control.

PLC touch screen system PLC

Temperature control:

PT-100 connect with PLC ,brewers could read the temperature on PLC, also could perform temperature setting, duration of heat as well as connection with motors on touch screen ,in order to help brewers to achieve more complex action process.

Process control: 

The system use Siemens frequency convert and PLC to perform USS communication, which could direct setting the rotate speed on touch screen, and also adjust the rotate speed of frequency convertor by press button on frequency convertor panel.

Electromagnetic flow meter module:

The system also could combine electromagnetic flow meter, it help brewer know the real-time flow rate as well as the total volume of water, which enhance the precision level in mashing process.

Full automatic system with recipes-for new craft beer amateur:

The system combine variety recipes setting, all the valves and control units are fully achieve automatic control. User only need select the type of brew beer with’oush0buttonstart’the system will perform the working process based on recipes automatically.

User also could input the parameters into touch screen, such as the weight of malt, the volume of water, the boiling temperature, waiting time, the speed of mixer of motor as well as mixing time.

The system could records temperature parameters with curve chart representation.

Packaging & Shipping
LCL: plastic film and bubble film, fumigation free wooden case.
FCL: plastic film and bubble film, especially designed iron frame with fixtures for sea shipment.

Company Information

Established in Ningbo, China, Coff is a leading manufacturer specializing in beverage equipment. Our collections include but not limited to beer brewhouse, fermentation vessel, bright beer tank, HLT&CLT, CIP cart, grist hopper, hop back, mill, etc.
Quality, productivity, and flexibility are the key focus for Coff. Thanks to its vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing, assembly to packaging, we provide a customization and OEM service from design concept through to cost-effective fabrication.

Being one of the most important manufacturers for premium brewing equipment in China, we’ve been working with a number of leading brands over the years, and our products have been well accepted and recognized by the equipment industries/breweries, for their excellent quality, design, function and service.


A vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing to packing

100% Stainless Steel 304, only quality materials are used

Modern technology: TIG welding, spot welding, laser welded on dimple jacket and tank bottom, trace welded pipes

Strictly controlled under ISO9001 quality management system


- Extensive quality control system (following ASMI standard)

- In-process inspectors

- At least 2 times operating pressure test before delivery

- Fully functional FAT capabilities

- Dedicated in-house FAT technicians

- Non-destructive Examination

- Material traceability reports

- Certification documents

Vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing to packing

100% SS304 with 2B finish, only quality materials are selected

Dear customers,
Thanks for your attention and interest in Coff products.
Should you have any questions or request further information on brewing equipment, please feel free to liaise with us. We shall be more than happy to assist your business.
Best regards.
Coff (Ningbo) Machinery Co., Ltd.

10 Bbl Fermenter

10 Bbl System

15 Bbl Fermenter

2 Bbl Brite Tank

3 Bbl Brite Tank

3 Bbl Jacketed Brite Tank

3 Bbl Unitank

30 Bbl Brite Tank

5 Bbl Brite Tank

7 Bbl Bright Beer Tank

7 Bbl Fermenter

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